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the “Proletarian Newspaper” and

The “Proletarian Newspaper” (“Proletarskaya gazeta”) was founded by a crew of comrades in February 1999 and officially listed in the North-Western regional administration of the Press State Committee with a reference number № П3520 dated 05 February 1999. The paper editorial has its e-mail address: and an official postal address: 190121, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, English ave. (Angliysky prospect), bldg. 22, room 53, contact person A.V. Pyzhov.

Before the paper’s foundation, some editorial members took active part in labor movement in Leningrad within the city workers council and tried to establish close contacts with other worker organizations like strike committees in areas outside the city, in other towns of Russia. Shortly after the foundation of “Proletarian Newspaper” the editorial members directly participated in certain Russian worker organizations, in particular, they were comprised in the Interregional work union association of Russia named “Zachshita” (“Protection”). In general, the editorial was aiming at establishing a permanent practical contact with a variety of worker organizations outside Russia.  We arrange our activity with respect to Marxism-Leninism base and stand up for the class proletarian interests within the labor movement. The “Proletarian Newspaper” editorial operates mainly due to regular and targeted donations.

Based on Marxism-Leninism the “Proletarian Newspaper” editorial’s objective is to theoretically explain the external and internal reasons why the proletarian dictatorship in the Soviet Union failed and to evaluate the political situation at present, the state of labor movement and its future to give a feedback in response to the issues of class struggle in our country.

We do assume that there was a petit-bourgeois upheaval in the Soviet Union of the 50-th last century, the proletarian dictatorship was defeated and the country took the path to capitalism. (We told about that in “Deliberations on class reasons for counter revolution within the Soviet territory” issued in No. 26 of the “Proletarian Newspaper” in May 2006). Basically, CPSU betrayed the interests of proletariat due to external and internal factors and turned into a revisionist structure and a political instrument in the hands of counter revolution “soviet” bourgeois who took over the power.

We do assume that there are no communist parties within the former Soviet republics who could stand up for proletarian interests i.e. there are no revolutionary Marxist-Leninist parties. All the parties that consider themselves as the communist, labor and revolutionary are actually bourgeois and petit-bourgeois revisionist ones i.e. the traps for fighting proletarians. This witnesses the urgent necessity of creation the revolutionary political forefront at this time because the struggling proletarians aren’t able to transfer economic struggle into revolutionary, class plane. What’s the way out to be suggested by the “Proletarian Newspaper”? Our recommendations concerned are uttered in “What are the up to date applications of Lenin’s experience to create a “new type party?” issued in No. 36 of the “Proletarian Newspaper” in April 2013.

We do assume that a petit-bourgeois decay and slackness of oppressed “khrushchev-brezhnev’s” masses is a matter of the past. In a range of former soviet republics the working class comes to organized economic struggle against its oppressors, creates labor unions including unions of national level and organizes strikes and mass protests making political demands in terms of present capitalist system but not overthrows of the oppressor class. (Detail analysis of the most determined proletarian actions is provided based on a strike and revolt of west Kazakhstan workers issued in “Lessons of Kazakhstan oilers class struggle” in No. 35 of the “Proletarian Newspaper” in July 2012. But still, to tie economic and political struggle in the united class struggle, the struggling working class should be governed by its political avant-garde i.e. by the working class revolutionary party). Aggravation of the world crisis, intensified exploitation of workers and awakening of class activity will create obvious background for maturation of the revolutionary situation in many countries worldwide including the former soviet republics.

In the “Proletarian Newspaper” we regularly publish items on the worker and communist movement in different countries throughout a globe and provide extensive analysis based on Marxism-Leninism. We also publish alongside some facts taken from Russia’s revolutionary past and some from abroad. This information enables us to analyze and put together the Russia’s revolutionary experience of the past and the experience of other countries to explain and solve actual problems of the labor movement in our country. Besides, such issues enable to implement proletarian internationalism.

Each “Proletarian Newspaper” issue covers political biographies of professional proletarian revolutionists ranging from the remote revolutionary past to the present day. This is to show the readers “…an organization of revolutionists should above all embrace those whose profession consists of revolutionary activity… In presence of such a common feature of those who are in the organization any distinction between the workers and highbrows should be eliminated not to speak of the distinction in separate professions of both”. (V.I. Lenin. Complete set of works, issue 4, vol. 5 pp. 421-422, “What is to be done?”).

To the readers of the “Proletarian Newspaper”

We settled down to a hard course of the revolutionary proletarian class struggle for you to know the truth about a struggle of oppressed masses in Russia and all over the world, to understand political environment, to realize your position in society, to help you in concentrating on struggle against class oppression. Class struggle success depends only on activity of each of us and on comprehensive struggling proletariat organization.

It’s necessary to persistently solve two most important tasks – self-organization of workers and creation their revolutionary political avant-garde.

Political avant-garde is the forefront squad of struggling proletarians. Therefore, the proletarian political avant-garde should be on all the stages of practical struggle together with the working masses and should not receive them from the office calm or at their congresses or meetings. (See “Nobody will give us deliverance!” in No. 9 of the “Proletarian Newspaper” in 2000).

Class enemy is strong only in our disorderliness!



    «Proletarskaya Gazheta» was founded in March 1999 in Leningrad, the city that initiated the glorious October Revolution, that established for the first time in History the state of workers and peasants.
    «Proletarskaya Gazheta» is the result of a common effort of proletarian forces throughout the country with the support of workers in other republics of the former Soviet Union. The Russian working class is arising to struggle against the savage capitalist exploitation and taking the first steps towards becoming an unbeatable force that will wipe out from our land the capitalist system, to relieve our people from the terrible sufferings exerted by the greedy and ruthless Russian bourgeoisie.
    Millions of starving workers are arising into an organized struggle that will lead to the restoration of Socialism in our country.
    «Proletarskaya Gazheta» is an effort to merge the every day's practice in the struggle of the working class with the revolutionary theory, Marxism-Leninism.
    The conditionds of the struggle of the working class in Russia are the hardest. Internationalist solidarity is now needed more than ever!




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